Workable Ideas for Mobile Tracking Analytics

This article will guide you through the realm of mobile apps analytics – here you will find everything you would like to know about peculiarities of tracking activities of mobile apps.

We have handpicked a list of applications that simplify the process of analysis of mobile apps activities.

AdMob Analytics

Admob is considered to be the largest provider of ads for mobile devices and the company also proposes different features and tools that help to analyze everything properly. AdMob Analytics is an analytics platform that gathers information about weak and strong points of the apps.

App Clix

This analytics platform is one of the most popular among developers as it provides not the service – in fact, it is a tool for analysis. There is no need in intermediation as developers use this tool in their server environment with no waste of time on authorization. This app maintains the Apple restrictions of iPhone App analytics.

Mobile Tracking AnalyticsBango

This platform works with mobile and web apps and provides information concerning every single users who has an access to the app. This platform can be integrated to the most popular handheld devices like Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Google Analytics

This free platform is well-known for providing information about websites. However, not many people know that it is possible to use it to analyze activities of mobile apps. It is possible to get access to it through Android and iOS device as well as the analytics provided by the platform can be implemented in the apps developed in PHP, JSP, ASP.NET and Perl. The platform is simple and user-friendly so even the novice will be able to use it.


This service tracks the apps that are developed for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. It is easy to compare the statistics info gathered by the service so the results of marketing changes will be visible at once. Integration SDK is customizable so it is easy to integrate it to the most popular platforms.

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