Making the Internet Safe for Children

It is impossible to underestimate the importance and assistance of the Internet for the educational process. Children get an access to a gold-mine of knowledge, facts, connections, tasks and experience and learn more efficiently with help of online resources. However, some parents prefer to forbid the Internet usage because of fear of potential damage that the Internet can cause. Remember: forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, so there is a pretty good chance that kids who cannot use the Internet at home will find ways to do so somewhere else. So won’t it be more sensible to remember about your responsibility as a parent to provide safe access to the world of web and educate your kids how to become responsible online citizens.

Internet safety

Before we start, much prominence should be given to the fact that it is impossible to let things slide when it comes to minors’ surfing through the Internet. Parent control app can be a sound solution for keeping track of kids’ online activity on their smartphones and tablets. In addition, enhanced apps can do much more than simple listing of visited sites: with their help parents may check calls/SMS/IM, view photos, track location and much more. Limiting screen time, specifying hours when kids can connect to the Internet or use their devices may also be among the features. So how parents should guide their kids to the beginning of their online journey?

Rule 1

Parents should always be more acquainted with the features of web than their children – it is a must. Otherwise, all your restrictions and limitations will have no sense as kids will find a loophole. So do not waste time and educate yourself about popular sites, social media platforms, their features and possibilities. Proper knowledge gives better perspective, so you will understand the problems and dangers that the Internet may bring to life of your teen better, as well as will find out how to solve these problems and buffer kids against them. Just look through the news – have you ever noticed how many negative news concerning kids are connected to the Internet? Before you start to know the score you may never know who are the online predators or identity thieves.

Rule 2

Always use parental control functions in the browsers that your kids use. There are plenty of options that help to protect private information of your children as well as block unwanted websites, downloads and app installations, all you have to do is to enable them. Of course, third-party parental control app won’t be superfluous, because of additional features and more efficient blocking.

Rule 3

Never stop learning. The Internet develops with an incredible speed, new sites, platforms, trends appear and change every day, as well as teens behavior online. You have to stay tuned for more news regarding the most popular web places: a pound to a penny, your teens are already there and you have to know whether it is safe for them to be there.

Rule 4

Build trust-related relationship. If your kid just learns to use the Internet, become his or her guide there. Develop a habit of joint Internet sessions during which you can explain child all things that are obscure for him. Make sure that you have created a healthy web environment and your kid trusts you enough so if there is anything that makes him nervous or uneasy online, he will tell you about it.

Rule 5

Monitor the social media. It could be a sound solution to create a profile on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media platform where your kid has a profile. Trust us, if your kid is 14 years old, he definitely has an account at least on Facebook. Ask your kid to befriend you there, so you will be able to check all shared photos and posts there. But do not post comments there, as teens usually feel embarrassed because of this. Better discuss everything in the real life, explaining why this or that photo is inappropriate for sharing.

Rule 6

Ask for help of friends, if necessary. If you are a novice, ask your knowledgeable friend to help you to make sense of it all, especially when it comes to the installation of monitoring apps – your kid won’t be pleased to help you to install them. And there is no need to worry, everything is simple, you will need little time to understand everything. Do not underestimate computer courses – there you also can learn a lot. And schools also often host seminars for parents about Internet safety.

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