Revenue through iPhone app Anti-piracy

mtiks is the only anti-piracy firm for iPhone/iPad apps. mtiks is focussing on providing simple data and graphic charts that are essential and meaningful. mtiks complies with all Apple standards and privacy policies and does not affect your legitimate app customers. Over a period of research and development we have identified several techniques to identify a pirated app and convert those pirate users to become your customers. We are proud to state that there is no company in the market right now that provides the ability to control piracy and to generate revenue out of it.

Early Statistics

iPhone app Anti-piracymtiks is currently converting pirated users to real customers for lot of customers, several apps and in different categories, whether it is a game, business, lifestyle or utility app – mtiks for the first time gives you the ability to track the pirate users real time and chances to convert them as well. Few top analytics companies earlier stated that the piracy rate is less in US and high in China – and that might be based on the overall data they have. mtiks found that not to be totally true, we believe it depends on that particular single app. Our report for a health care related app proves that 60% piracy happens in USA, 18% in UK, 8% in South Korea and Canada, 6% in France.

And another sample of a utility app proves that 62% of app piracy is in US, 18% in Singapore, 11% in UK, 6% in Malaysia and 3% in Australia

Though the chunk of data that top analytics has helps themselves primarily, mtiks data helps the developer to generate additional revenue.
As iPhone app developers, we vouch out of our own experience that we got affected by app piracy, Apple revenue and analytic statistics never matched and several months before April 30th we started protecting our own apps after months of research and development and made a significant change in our revenue system, later is when we kept building to support more robust applications and scaled it to high level traffic on web service related apps. It is an ongoing challenging task that mtiks team face with unknown pirates, but we have the zeal, energy, knowledge and passionate about what we believe in strongly, we benefited from mtiks and we present you the same.

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