Mac AppStore has a threat from Hackulous

Piracy has been bothering iOS developers for the past couple of years after attacks from Hackulous team. An estimated 30% and more has been lost through pirated app users. Installous opened up gates for any average iPhone user with a jailbroken device to get the popular apps for FREE. Hackulous is the team behind Apptrackr and Installous.

Apple will be releasing Mac AppStore on Jan 6, 2011. Hackulous is already way ahead of the game. They will release an App code named Kickback (article here) which will let anyone to buy AppStore paid apps for FREE. This is a bad news for developers again.

Hackulous is also working on another flavor of iOS app Installous which acts like BitTorrent and share paid apps like mp3′s. This will increase the number of apps and participation from any average jailbroken user. This is going to be real bad where we already faced this problem in MP3′s. The way it works right now is that someone has to buy the app and let the hacking community or some app to crack it and publish it via Apptrackr or some repository. This so called Overdrive will make things even worse. Now there is no need for repositories. Every possible jailbroken iPhone or iDevice will have the potential to become a source of piracy.

The trend with Piracy evolved over a period and the progress is a threat to development community. Every marketing effort and quality bring an app to the top 100 which quickly end up with pirated community. Developers or Publishers need to be aware of this and protect their apps from piracy.

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