HTC tops Windows Phone 7 devices

Microsoft is making several improvements in its OS from the beginning. Recent Mango release made debut for new features and improvements. The adoption rate is also improving with WP7 customers with the choices of manufacturers.

In the Windows Phone 7 device manufacturers list, HTC & Samsung are among the top. There are lots of new vendors coming into this OS support slowly. Recent introduction of Nokia phones are making their way. We started seeing Dell devices making a small percentage among the whole.

mtiks graph


As you can see above, HTC is clearly taking 68% of the whole traffic among all other devices. This data has been collected from mtiks implemented apps and their usage among different devices. The above data shows that HTC customers are using the apps longer. This may be due to ease of use and the number of devices available in the market.

We also analyzed individual devices who tends to have a longer usage time and usage. The top 5 devices share 18% each for HTC & Samsung devices overall. But Samsung focus has been seen as one among 5 devices using WP7 apps.

mtiks graph 2

Breakdown among top 50 WP7 devices:

Device Percent
Samsung Focus 20.28%
HTC HD7 12.86%
HTC HD7 T9292 9.54%
Samsung Omnia 7 8.94%
HTC Mozart 7 7.02%
LG Quantum C900 6.13%
LG Optimus 7 5.97%
HTC 7 Trophy 5.23%
HTC 7 Surround 4.91%
HTC 7 Mozart T8698 3.37%
HTC Trophy 2.82%
HTC Sprint Pro 7 2.05%
HTC T8697 1.74%
Samsung Focus 1.54%
HTC 7 Pro T7576 1.03%
LG E900h Optimus 7 1.00%
Samsung Focus SGH-i917R 0.95%
HTC HD7 T9295 0.77%
Dell Venue Pro 0.75%
HTC 7 Trophy 0.59%
LG LG-C900B 0.49%
HTC T9296 0.32%
HTC USCCHTC-PC93100 0.28%
HTC Radar C110E 0.17%
HTC Titan X310E 0.17%
HTC HD2 0.16%
LG LG-C900k 0.15%
Nokia Lumia 800 0.13%
Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T 0.11%
HTC MWP6885 0.08%
HTC Radar 4G 0.07%
HTC Mazaa 0.07%
HTC Schubert 0.05%
Samsung SGH-i937 Focus S 0.03%
HTC Mozart 0.03%
SAMSUNG SGH-i677 0.03%
HTC Radar 0.02%
LG Panther 0.02%
Asus E600 0.02%
HTC Mondrian 0.01%

mtiks has seen so far 125+ WP7 devices from 11 different manufacturers.

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