Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mobile App Analytics

What platforms mtiks support for Mobile Application Analytics?

mtiks currently provide analytics framework for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone 7 and Android. Visit Mobile App Analytics for additional feature information

Does mtiks charge for Mobile App Analytics?

No. Mobile app analytics for all platforms is available for free through mtiks. Additionally for iOS platform, mtiks provide free piracy analytics

Can you explain more about Free Piracy Analytics?

mtiks Free Piracy App Analytics is available for iOS platform currently. Apart from regular application analytics that mtiks provide, developers can get the statistics of pirated users, sessions, charts and more.

Are there any restrictions in number of apps, sessions and storage for my account?

No restrictions. Unlimited apps, sessions and storage for all platforms.

Where do I start?

Signup for free account to access mtiks sdk, technical documents and downloads

How fast can we integrate mtiks framework into our app?

mtiks framework is a lightweight sdk with no performance tradeoffs that provide real-time analytics. With 2-3 lines of code you can start implementing mtiks easily in few minutes and start tracking it right away from Simulator. Samples and clear documentation are provided after signup. FREE Technical support is available via Email as well.

Mobile App Anti-Piracy

I am not an App developer – can you please explain the App Piracy Scenario?

As how paid e-books, music are pirated and available online to download for free, paid mobile apps in App Store can be pirated and made available for free through third party app stores, torrents and webhosts as an ipa file. In simple words, if you have a paid app in store, you can have customers using your app without paying for it.

Does mtiks provide anti-piracy solution for Android apps?

Not yet. mtiks currently provide anti-piracy solution for iOS apps and we are working on Android and WP7 platforms.

How big is App piracy? Can you share more details?

It vary based on the purpose and quality of the Apps. There are apps that are not pirated yet, the overall percentage could be between 30-90. For general piracy statistics visit here.

How does mtiks anti-piracy solution works?

Developers can start monitoring their pirated apps in real-time and take control on how to handle pirated app through mtiks portal. Developers can opt their pirated app to remain silent, provide custom messages, offer trial periods(“try before you buy”) or just take them to app store URL to buy/custom URL, crash and more.

I am currently using Free Analytics for iOS apps – do I have to download separate SDK for anti-piracy?

No. It is the same SDK for analytics and you do not have to republish the App to start monitoring the pirated app users. Please check the Pricing details in FAQ and iOS Anti-Piracy section.

Does mtiks anti-piracy affect legitimate customers who bought my app?

No. mtiks does not affect your legitimate app customers

Does Jailbreaking means pirating an app?

No. Jailbreak is a mandatory step to pirate an app and not all customers who use jailbreak phones pirate app.

How many iOS devices are jailbroken overall?

U.S Copyright made jailbreaking iPhone as legal on July 21, 2010. We estimate it to be more than 14+ million devices so far.

How to find if an app is pirated or not?

There are several pirated app stores online with which you can check. Simple way is to Google your app name suffixing it with “ipa” keyword.

My app is pirated and see the numbers in Free Piracy Analytics – what to do next?

On your dashboard, click on “Buy Anti-piracy” on the app and pay it for every month. It expires automatically at the end of every month and you are not going to be charged automatically. So, you can pay and enable this feature every month.


How much do you charge for Mobile App Analytics?

Free Analytics for iOS, WP7 and Android apps. No Limitations. No Hidden costs.

How much does it cost for using mtiks Mobile App Anti-Piracy solution?

US $20 per app per month. If you would like to protect for an individual app for a month (once you know that it’s pirated as per mtiks Dashboard), you can enable this anti-piracy feature. It allows up to 50,000 pirated sessions which cover most of the apps pirated already (except Angry Birds of AppStore).


What mtiks recommends for new customers?

Signup for a free account. Mobile App Analytics for iOS, WP7 and Android is free. And for iOS developers you get piracy statistics along with free analytics – get to know all your customers (legitimate + pirated app)

Do I need to implement mtiks in my Free app?

We have several apps which was initially available for free and later converted to paid app. And if you are spending money with companies to promote your free/paid app for ranking/reviews – mtiks is a must have.

How do I benefit from using mtiks services?

Benefits are plenty and mtiks piracy statistics and anti-piracy solution is the big difference from others.

  • Get to know your REAL number of customers.
  • Provide Trial mode for Pirated app customers.
  • Try to convert them with Buy only option to iTunes URL or take them to a survey page/website of your own.
  • Send custom messages to pirated app customers.
  • Crash the app – to save server resources.
  • Free Piracy Analytics for iOS customers
  • and much more