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Making the Internet Safe for Children

It is impossible to underestimate the importance and assistance of the Internet for the educational process. Children get an access to a gold-mine of knowledge, facts, connections, tasks and experience and learn more efficiently with help of online resources. However, some parents prefer to forbid the Internet usage because of fear of potential damage that […]

10 Tips for Better Android Smartphone Security

Smartphones are an integral part of the life of a modern person. With all the apps and easy access to information, cameras to takes photos and shoot literally anything, the smartphone is a door into our personal online world. Obviously, you should treat it accordingly and not let other people breach this door. Keep in […]

Protect Your Business from Corporate Identity Theft

Usually, big corporations are considered to be the primary targets for hackers and identity thieves. However, today any enterprise may fall prey to them. When you think about it, sophisticated cyber attacks come to mind. Yet, for the most part, scammers use low-tech solutions to get the information they want. Essentially, setting up a business […]

Workable Ideas for Mobile Tracking Analytics

This article will guide you through the realm of mobile apps analytics – here you will find everything you would like to know about peculiarities of tracking activities of mobile apps. We have handpicked a list of applications that simplify the process of analysis of mobile apps activities. AdMob Analytics Admob is considered to be […]

Periscope and Breaking of Copyright Rules

Every day the concerns of copyright holders grow as more and more users of live-streaming video app Periscope share life music concerts videos in the real-time mode as well as sport events, films or cable TV shows for free. Ben Bennett, senior vice president of business development at Irdeto, states that it is extremely difficult […]

Digital Piracy in App Development Sphere

Smartphone era opened wide range of possibilities to digital pirates. Pallid statistics says that, for example, only 5% of Android and 40% on iOS installations of an app by Ustwo Monument Valley were paid. It is obvious that developers have to protect their work from piracy, but how is it possible? To start with, there […]

HTC tops Windows Phone 7 devices

Microsoft is making several improvements in its OS from the beginning. Recent Mango release made debut for new features and improvements. The adoption rate is also improving with WP7 customers with the choices of manufacturers. In the Windows Phone 7 device manufacturers list, HTC & Samsung are among the top. There are lots of new […]

iAP Cracker – App Security violation

Apple started its mobile AppStore a while ago and things were really cool and innovative to start with. The moment Cydia and other groups started thinking about Apple’s closeness strategy and wanted to go out of the way to make room for custom development, security issues started on a smaller scale. First iteration started with […]

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