What does mtiks Analytics offer?

mtiks provides free Mobile App Analytics to developers to better understand their app usage. With 2 lines of code using mtiks library for supported platforms, mobile app developers can get real time information on how their app is performing in App Store or Marketplace. You can track the usage in real time with our apps for various platforms.

Free Mobile App Analytics

  • Easy integration
  • Real-time insights
  • Completely FREE

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Premium Features

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mtiks offer real-time analytics for mobile applications. It offers the portal in native apps for app publisher to be aware of their apps on the go. mtiks support major mobile app platforms which include Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone 7, and Google Android. mtiks offers user insights user loyalty report, app usage, device usage and others with export option into Excel. One click upgrade to track exceptions from your apps, or the first and only available iOS Anti-Piracy feature with a fixed monthly pricing and more.